We create vibrant, unique and expressive photographs. Whether it be the exotic pre wedding couple shoot, or an event from wedding days, our documentary style candid photography will certainly leave an impression.


You want that ‘most special day in your life’ captured in a awesome way and want that new chapter to be embedded in your memory- what better way to do that than entrust the matter to Caspian Photography , who’ll capture all those delightful, priceless moments for you- just the way you want. We realize how important a day it is for you and will go that extra mile to make it absolutely perfect.

Our quality and professional team is nothing short of meticulous and we take great care to ensure not to overlook anything that happens on this occasion. We capture those light, laughter moments and the serious ones, the chaos and confusion so that you can relive the scenes one by one, long after the wedding is over. Our Wedding Photographers makes every moment special and truly memorable.

Your wedding will be photographed from every angle and covered as adequately as it possibly can. From the makeup and jewelry to your gorgeous attire, from the smiles and frowns of your guests to the decorations all around, you can rest assured that everything is captured by our photographers in the best way possible.


Pre wedding photographers in India are slowly changing the trend. Pre wedding photography has now become a norm. Indian weddings have undergone a metamorphosis of sorts in more senses than one and pre-wedding functions have gained ascendancy and universal acceptance. Pre wedding shoots are even more special than the actual wedding shots as they show the couple as ‘a part and also as a whole’- mutually exclusive.

Pre wedding photographers  at caspian weddiing Photography have a lot of experience under their belts and can make an ordinary location look absolutely splendid. Depending on the kind of theme that the couple desires, they suggest the best time of the day for the shoots. They even suggest the kind of outfits the couple needs to wear and recommend colors that will complement.

Call us when you need us and we’ll respond with the most awesome and amazing pictures the best pre wedding photography by Pre wedding photographers in and shots that you’ll cherish for lifetime.


The term ‘cinematographers‘ associated mainly with cinema has now become synonymous with Indian weddings. At True Shades Photography, we produce Wedding Cinematic Video that are personalized and crafted delicately to eminently suit the personalities. Our wedding cinematographers do such a good job of it that the wedding story has all the excitement and passion, the glamor and glitz, typically associated with cinema.

Most people hardly get the time to enjoy their own weddings. Wedding cinematic video and Wedding Photography are a great way of allowing them to relive and cherish the memories that are so dear to them. As all the memories and incidents are set against a background of music and against a style that is as unique as your story, the whole affair blends into an experience that can never be forgotten. Pictures, music

Caspian Photography never fails to do a stellar job with wedding cinematic video. If you want a heart-throb, we’ll provide one for you.