Candid Photographer speak Volumes!

The flow of emotions and vibrancy  of cultures is what keeps us hooked to shooting candid weddings.Every laugh to every tear, we provide clients with unforgettable & breathtaking memories they can truly hold onto for years to come…


A peep into our work on Candid Photography by our Candid Photographers will show you how stimulating we can be and why we chose Caspian Photography as our signature. We understand the meaning of business success and know what it takes to get there. For all practical purposes we may be photographers, but we believe that it’s an art that goes beyond the mere technicalities. It’s a passion for us and each photograph is a commitment towards excellence.

Dynamism, diligence and perfection, you may say, are our middle names—so if you do need to pep up your special day, do reach out to us. we’ll make your special day extraordinary for you—through the color and romance of our candid photography services.Your satisfaction is our yardstick and our wedding photography will way exceed your expectations.